icon_aretex72The idea for AreteX began over a decade ago when David Brumbaugh perceived a need in the entrepreneur community for a way to automate financial payments, tracking and reporting for joint ventures.

In discussions around a fire pit with friends (who became the 3B Alliance partners), it soon became apparent there was a much larger need. After months of evening conversations using flashlights, newsprint hung on a fence, and a full set of magic markers; the vision had expanded to include a full set of automated eCommerce services. This would enable small to medium businesses to have similar eCommerce access and functionality as big business.

Why the name, AreteX? AreteX came out of our desire to put a name to this dream. “Arete” is Greek for the English word, “excellence.” The “X” stands for the exchange in business that brings about dreams and goals.

We value your participation in our community forum, as we continue to pursue excellence.

John Beesley

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