David Brumbaugh

About David Brumbaugh

David Brumbaugh is a co-founder of 3B Alliance, LLC. He is the primary developer of AreteX™ eCommerce services.

WordPress Affiliate Plugin

More than an Affiliate Plugin Affiliate programs are an important part of a traffic and marketing strategy. If you are a WordPress developer looking for an affiliate plugin, you might want to look at  the AreteX WordPress Plugin.  Our sales tracking and reporting system is designed to be used by a wide variety of commissioned […]

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Monetizing Your WordPress Web App: A Strategic Overview

This is the final article in our series about WordPress as an Application Framework. Build in your Monetization Strategy Like security, your web app monetization strategy should be an integral part of your software design.  Why?  Monetization almost always involves connecting to some other service.  These connections will involve design choices that could significantly impact […]

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WordPress Application Design

Taking Advantage of the WordPress Framework In this, the fourth article of our series on WordPress as an Application  Framework, we look at designing your application so as to take full advantage of what WordPress has to offer. First  – Don’t Modify the Core Code: Design your application as one or more plugins and/or themes. […]

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WordPress Application Security – Part 2

This is the second article on WordPress application security.  In Part 1, we explained the three legs of the classic security triad: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.  We looked at addressing Confidentiality while using WordPress as your application framework. In this article, we will continue our discussion with the other two legs, Integrity and Availability in […]

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WordPress Application Security – Part 1

This is the second article in our series “WordPress as an Application Frame Work“. High Profile Security Problems In light of the series of recent high profile web site security problems, it is clear that a web application developer should plan application security from the beginning.  The very features that make WordPress attractive to publishers […]

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WordPress as an Application Framework

“A Web application (Web app) is an application program that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the Internet through a browser interface.” Tech Target This article is the introduction to a series of articles on WordPress as an Application Framework. In this series we will look at  practical strategies for securing your […]

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Software as a Service AreteX™ is “Software as a Service” that facilitates and manages various eCommerce tasks and processes including one time and recurring payments, delivery of payment status notifications, digital delivery authorizations, automatic calculation and payments of things like commissions, royalties and contributor fees. This plugin is “Serviceware” that allows you to connect your […]

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Beta Testing the Plugin

The AreteX for WordPress plugin addresses the needs of three distinct audiences: 1) the WordPress site or theme designer, 2) the WordPress site administrator, and 3) the business owner. We recognize that in many cases these roles overlap. This is not a “simple” plugin. Although priced for the small business owner, it has (as one […]

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