Software as a Service

AreteX™ is “Software as a Service” that facilitates and manages various eCommerce tasks and processes including one time and recurring payments, delivery of payment status notifications, digital delivery authorizations, automatic calculation and payments of things like commissions, royalties and contributor fees.

This plugin is “Serviceware” that allows you to connect your WordPress site to the AreteX™ eCommerce Server. Designed with robust flexibility for the WordPress professional, the plugin provides customer account management, payment tracking and reporting for referrers and contributors, and sales reports. It starts with a 30 Day Free AreteX™ “Sandbox” License, so you can test your eCommerce site without the inherent risks of a “real money” environment.

Integrates with Roles and Capabilities

  • Use nearly any “membership/role manager” plugin.
  • Any number of paid roles or upgrades.
  • One time or subscription capability.

Sell Paid Content

  • Generate shortcodes from the editor.
  • Sell nearly any kind of content.
  • Unlimited bundling/mix and match capability.
  • Timed (drip) delivery.

Integrated Payment Gateways

The service includes an integrated PCI Compliant credit card payment gateway and an authorized ACH transmission system. Your catalog, customer and sales data are stored on the AreteX Server with industry standard security and backed up daily. Note: Vantiv merchant account required to process Credit Cards. Forte (ACH Direct) merchant account required for Direct Deposit.

Payment Models Include

  • Single Payments
  • Single or Monthly Donations
  • Recurring Billing
    • With or Without a “Free Trial”
    • With Limited Payments or “Until Canceled”
    • Any payment cycle (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly)

Commission System

  • Integrated Affiliate Tracking
  • Direct Marketing Tracking for On-line and Off-line Promotion Efforts
  • Tracking and Reporting System for Referrers
  • Supports n-tier Commissions

Automatic Payouts

  • Automatically Track Payouts Owed based on Actual Sales
  • Integrated ACH (Direct Deposit) Processing
  • Set your own “payday” schedule.

Ideal for

  • Selling on-line training – both “self-paced” and “Instructor led”.
  • Open-Source Donations – Automatically split donations between all contributors.
  • Selling premium content such as Themes and “Pro” versions of plugins.
    • Handles multiple contributors
    • Pay Contributors on Net, Gross or a Fixed amount per sale
  • Setting up a “Digital Marketplace” where contributors are paid when their work is purchased.
    • Sell nearly any digital content: Articles, Downloads, Videos, Audio, Lessons
    • Timed (Drip) Delivery – Great for lessons and bonuses

Full Range of Reports

  • Sales with Direct Marketing Tracking (with or without commissions)
  • Payouts
  • Customers
  • Delivery Logs and Pending Deliveries
  • Export
    • Excel Spreadsheet (Actual Excel, not just CSV)
    • CSV
    • Print

Customer Account Management

  • Your customers can:
    • Manage their contact information.
    • View their purchase history.
    • Manage their rebill agreements (i.e. update their payment cards.)

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