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Questions about Fees

  • One of our clients had a question about fees. They noticed that the full amount of their customer’s purchased was deposited into their account. They were used to using PayPal. PayPal, as most of us know, deducts fees immediately.

    With AreteX, all fees are deducted monthly.

    If you have direct deposit, there are three separate sets of fees:
    1. Vantiv credit card processing fees. (Usually by direct debit.)
    2. AreteX gateway and license fees. (By your choice of direct debit or credit card.)
    3. Forte direct deposit fees.(Usually by direct debit.)

    Note that although there are three separate fees, for mid to high volume merchants the total of all three sets of fees is usually substantially less than just the single paypal fee.

    For more information on fees, you can see our pricing page (click here).


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