About the AreteX™ Server

AreteX™ is software, delivered as a service to facilitate and manage various eCommerce tasks and processes, including one time and recurring payments, delivery of payment status notifications, digital delivery authorizations, automatic calculation and payments of things like commissions, royalties and contributor fees.

General Server Information

The server that runs this software:

  • Is a PCI Compliant Payment Gateway – certified as a Vantiv Solution Builder application.
  • Is Backed up off-site daily – (Daily backups are kept for seven days before being overwritten).
  • Runs re-bill schedules, including pre-charge notifications
  • Provides on-demand receipts, payment reports, delivery logs, sales reports and more.
  • Stores Customer, Sales and Payment Data with Industry Standard Security
  • Is an authorized Forte ACH Transmitter
  • Uses license specific asymmetric encryption keys for server to server communication.
  • And substantially more.


When using the WordPress plugin to with AreteX, your WordPress timezone needs to be synchronized with the timezone on the AreteX server. If the two timezones are not synchronized,  your reports and other time-sensitive data will be “off” by a few hours.