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More than an Affiliate Plugin

Affiliate programs are an important part of a traffic and marketing strategy. If you are a WordPress developer looking for an affiliate plugin, you might want to look at  the AreteX WordPress Plugin.  Our sales tracking and reporting system is designed to be used by a wide variety of commissioned sales models including both online and offline promotional methods.  Of course, it’s smoothly integrated into the entire payment flow. It does not require a special connection to a second payment processor.    These additional features make it more than just a simple affiliate plugin.

Another developer friendly feature of AreteX is our “Sandbox Account”. If you are a developer, the sandbox lets you show your client exactly how the flow from sale to commission will work. With the 30 day free trial, this can happen before anyone actually has to pay a license fee or sign up for a merchant account. This is also good for developing a proof of concept.  The sandbox is free for 30 days and only $5 per month after that. (The $5 helps cover the cost of storage and bandwidth on our servers).  Also, if you want, you can just create a new sandbox, but the old one will “go way”.

Automated Affiliate and Sales Commission Payments

With AreteX ,  you (your client) can pay commissions, contributor’s fees, royalties, revenue shares, etc. automatically.  You can schedule Direct Deposits for any time after a qualifying sale that will be paid on time, every time without any additional effort on your part.  Since AreteX is an authorized Forte ACH Transmitter, affiliate payments move smoothly from your checking account to your affiliates’.  Of course, you have instant real-time access to all ACH transaction records.  Like nearly all of our reports, the affiliate payment reports in this plugin can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet.  If you prefer not to use direct deposit, there is a manual batch system.  You could, for example, download the spreadsheet and upload it to PayPal for mass pay.

Because AreteX is Software as a Service (SaaS), you don’t have to worry about storing sensitive payment data in your WordPress database. Your affiliates’ payment information is stored on our servers, protected by industry standard encryption.  Our SaaS securely transmits your payment instructions to Forte (formerly ACH direct).  Forte has been processing ACH payments since 1998.

Affiliate (and Sales Rep) Tracking and Reporting

Your (your client’s) affiliates will have access to a custom Payment Tracking and Reporting system that will allow them see the results of their efforts as soon as a sale is made.  We have an integrated coupon and direct marketing tracking system built into the AreteX SaaS software.

Affiliate Tracking and Reporting

Screenshot of the AreteX payment tracking and reporting system.

The AreteX sales rep/affiliate tracking system has some features not found in most other WordPress affiliate plugins. For example, you may set up your permalinks so that the affiliate tracking code is embedded in the URL rather than as a query string variable. You can assign a “Splash Code” to any tracking code.  “Splash Codes” are easy to remember or recognize words than can be “splashed” on brochures, business cards, convention “swag” or podcast or radio spots.  Tracking and splash codes can be assigned discounts to drive buyers to your site. Tracking codes and Splash Codes are both case and font in-sensitive. That means that the numeral one (1), the lower case letter (i) and the upper case letter (I) are all “the same” to AreteX.  That means less frustration for the customer when they enter the Splash code.

Like many WordPress affiliate plugins, you may use AreteX to set up a multi-tier  commission commission structure. If you are setting up a multi-tier commission system, you could set it up so your (your client’s) affiliates use the same tracking code that authorizes commissions to recruit “down line” affiliates (including Splash Codes). Alternatively, you could “hard code” an “up line” affiliate to a particular page or sign up form. It really depends on your business model.

For instructions on setting up your affiliate program in AreteX, click here for the knowledge-base articles on paying people.

Are You a Developer?
 If you are regularly developing for clients that need affiliate programs or other eCommerce services, we’d like to talk with you.  We know a lot of WordPress affiliate plugin companies charge developers per domain or per license (or a substantial fee for an unlimited  license). We have a different business model. The goal we have with our business model is to lower total cost of ownership by integrating the affiliate system into the entire eCommerce flow.   We don’t have our own affiliate program per-se’ but we do have some potential revenue sharing opportunities we’d be happy to discuss. 

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  1. David Brumbaugh

    Just a note — we created AreteX in general because it’s important to assure that everyone involved, including affiliates get paid for their efforts. To “be fair” to everyone, while lowering total cost of ownership of the software.

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